Who are Avy&Dan?

Who we are

Avy&Dan stands for two strong women who have been complementing each other wonderfully since childhood. We are cousins and have loved to spend the summers together on our grandparents’ mountain farm in Austria – with a total of ten cousins and cousins in one room.

Anna – the one with the dark hair and light skin – now lives in a village in Upper Austria, not far from Salzburg. She has two small children, is a surgical nurse and is married.

Daniela – the one with the blond hair – lives with her husband and three children in a village in Tyrol. She loves to get to know other countries and cultures. Before she started a family, Daniela was often backpacking – through Cambodia, Vietnam, Canada, Peru, Bolivia and many other countries. Can you believe, with so much adventurousness, that she worked as an accountant of all things?

How Avy&Dan was born

Avy&Dan came to us spontaneously on the couch while our children were asleep. We had been philosophizing about the possibility of having our own company for quite some time. But on this day, we simply researched how online sales and online marketing work.

We had no idea how to start, run and develop a business. In the beginning we had to trust others and were sometimes badly advised. But we knew, “There is no such thing as giving up”. After all, we have a great passion: to create products that make our stressful everyday lives easier. Our collagen drink and our skin serum, for example, help to ensure that nobody looks at us during the nights spent sleeping at the crib. We are constantly on the lookout for what young mothers and business women need to feel good.

“We create what young mothers and businesswomen need to feel good.“

At the beginning of 2020, such a product was one that probably nobody expected: face masks. It became apparent that mouth and nose covering would become mandatory because of corona. In a huge consumption of paper masks we saw a catastrophe for the environment. A more harmless variant had to be found: optimally protective masks that were comfortable to wear for all family members and available in sufficient form.

We had started sewing ourselves. But in Austria there were no more fabrics available for the lockdown. At that time we had already built up a considerable network for Avy&Dan throughout Europe. We phoned through all the product producers and ended up with a partner in Portugal who manufactured textile masks for us.

When we contacted retail chains to see if they needed masks, Avy&Dan got really busy. A branch of business developed that kept us busy day and night. The nice thing about us both is that we harmonize incredibly – almost eerie – well. Together we master all the challenges of our wonderfully crazy lives. This is also how the letters of our company name Avy&Dan are composed: Anna, Daniela and “La Vie” – our life.


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